What Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy – The start of a new school year can be very difficult for new students and teachers. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead, define project goals, and stock up on essential art supplies that will keep students engaged and creative throughout the year.

To help, we asked Sam Rausch, Nasco Education’s Resident Art Educator and Customer Engagement Manager, to share what supplies he has in his art room. Here are her top 10 must-have art supplies tips to help you get off to a smooth start to the new school year.

What Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy

What Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy

Canson® XL® Mixed Media Paper or Nasco Mixed Media Paper are a must-have art supply for any art room because they can be used for almost any project. Large paper is great because you can cut it up and use different sizes and shapes.

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Of course, paint is a must-have in an art room. Here are some of the things I do for different classes:

For younger students, safe and reliable scissors like Fiskars® for Kids – Blunt Tip – Classroom Pack 12 are essential for collages and other multimedia projects. These scissors are perfect for young students to develop fine motor skills.

For older students, consider larger scissors like Fiskars® Double Thumb Performance Scissors. They have larger blades to work with many media such as fabric and felt, and they are durable and versatile for many media.

Glues like Elmer’s® Washable School Glue Classroom Set are easy to use for all ages and dry quickly and clearly with no residue, making them a better choice than liquid glue for most elementary classrooms.

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Mod Podge® is a water-based sealer, glue, and polish all in one, so it’s a liquid option for ages 6 and up. Because the glue dries clear and can hold a variety of paper and fabrics, Mod Podge® is perfect for collages, and gloss and matte drying options are available in multiple sizes.

A must-have art supply, colorful construction paper like Pacon® SunWorks® Super Value Construction Paper is great for collage, weaving, creating multimedia projects, or drawing.

Any art classroom needs brushes in a variety of sizes and tips, like Royal Brush® Scholastic Choice Brushes, which are perfect for a variety of painting mediums, including acrylics, oils, watercolors, and tempera.

What Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy

Oil pastels such as Cray-Pas® Junior Artist™ Jumbo Stick Colorpack™ are very smooth and perfect for drawing, color mixing and colorfast watercolors. They are a great alternative to pencils in their ability to use bright colors.

Taking The Fear Out Of Supply Inventory Management

Air-dry clay like Crayola® Model Magic® has endless lesson plan possibilities, plus it’s easy to spread, easy to clean, and always engaging for all classrooms. Air-dry clay is a great option for teachers who don’t have access to an oven, but if you do, it’s a great addition to clay.

Permanent ink is fast drying, fade resistant, water resistant, and marks on all types of surfaces, whether it’s fabric or dried dry clay. Permanent Fine Point Markers are a staple in grade-level art rooms because they can be used for most multimedia creations, including drawing, painting, and printmaking. Black permanent markers are the most used throughout the year, so I recommend starting with a set of black markers.

Finally, invest in a quality set of pencils like Ticonderoga® Pencils – Pkg. 72 (pre-sharpened!) lets your students set up all their drawing activities for sketchbooks, guided drawings, and more.

Now that you know exactly what you need to stock your art closet with must-have art supplies, don’t forget to check out the Teacher Resource Center for more quick inspiration, expert advice, helpful videos, and freebies. standards-aligned lesson plans and more! As a stationery lover, it’s cruel to force yourself to pick just ten of your favorite things to use in your bullet journal, but here they are! Stationery is a very personal experience, as everyone has different pen/marker/paper preferences, but if you want to try something new, these are the tools I adore.

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These pens are popular for a reason! I’ve used them in my journal for years because I can always rely on them to write and draw cleanly. They come in different sizes (my favorite is 03 for writing, 05/08 for creating boxes/tables).

Circle Templates makes adding circle templates to your diary easier than ever. Circles make perfect areas for to-do lists, mood trackers, and decorative items. It’s an inexpensive supply, but the fun you can have with it is endless.

Because a certain ruler is really superior). When creating a table or header box, the transparency of the ruler will tidy up the borders and make it easier to see broken/gridded paper. I’m a fan of all kinds of clear rulers, but this one has a useful grid line.

What Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy

These pens are praised by many as the best basic black pens for note taking (and bonus, they’re cheap)! I used these throughout university and they made my notes look classy. The 0.38 is one of their most popular sizes, but if you’re a fan of ultra-skinny ink, the 0.5 is a great choice. They come in a variety of colors so you can easily color code events in your notes.

Top 10 Must Have Art Supplies Every New Art Teacher Needs

I have to mention dotted notes on this list because it was the style of paper I used for my bullet journal from the beginning. I love that the dotted paper not only helps keep my handwriting straight, but also keeps my pages from looking too busy.

. There is no “right” way to use your bullet journal, there is only one that works for YOU.

If you are interested in a bullet journal, there are many on the market at many different price points. Here are some of my favorites:

: This magazine from Peter Pauper Press is only $11 and I am very impressed with the quality. The paper is very white, the dots are free of distractions, and I haven’t found many issues such as bleeding off the page!

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: The Leuchtturm1917 notebook is a popular notebook in the bullet journal community, and I myself have used a few in my journaling over the years. They come in so many fun colors and are much more accessible to purchase in stores (to my fellow Canadians out there, if you want a bullet journal TODAY, you can find lots of options at your local Indigo)!

: Archer and Olive magazines are something special. The paper quality is one of the best I’ve come across, for example I painted with acrylics on my Archer and Olive magazines and nothing came through. These magazine covers come in many amazing colors and designs. The only downside to these is the Canadian price tag when factoring in shipping, taxes, and exchange rates (if you can split shipping with a friend, that helps keep the cost down a bit).

Technically they’re two different things, but I really believe these guys are partners because they work so well together, haha; Anyone who has seen one of my Plan With Me videos knows that I have an unhealthy crush on them! Black washi tape is an easy way to spice up your giveaway—just write on top of the washi tape in seconds with a white pen (my favorite white pen is Sakura’s gelly roller 08 pen).

What Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy

When it comes to my bullet journal spreads, I tend to do more minimal designs, but I love finding ways to add color! Brush markers come in handy when you’re trying to shade or paint. You can also use them to brush letters and make fancy titles (here’s a great set of black brush markers).

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For color options, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens are great (check out my favorite set here). You can save yourself some serious $$$ by buying only the colors you plan to use individually, not as a set. I recommend choosing colors 553, 772, 992, 026.

Crayola also has a line of brush pens from the Signature series that work very well. If you really want good bang for your buck, check out Crayola’s Super Tip markers. These aren’t traditional brush pens, but they can be used to brush letters! You can find a 50-pack at a great price on Amazon!

One of my favorite discoveries of 2019 was using duct tape. Whenever you come across something you want to stick to your notebook, whether it’s a picture or a pretty piece of paper, using adhesive tape makes the process much cleaner than traditional glue. No more sticky stuff

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