What To Do When Selling A Motorcycle Privately – Are you ready to list your motorcycle for sale? Maybe you’re ready for something new, you’re moving and you don’t want to take it with you. Maybe you’re just ready to cash in on an investment or a motorcycle that you’ve spent a lot of time fixing up.

Buying a motorcycle isn’t difficult, but it does require careful planning and consideration. There are many ways to buy a motorcycle these days, whether you do it locally or you can take advantage of a large pool of buyers online. Here’s a step-by-step guide that covers how to buy a motorcycle for top dollar and fast.

What To Do When Selling A Motorcycle Privately

What To Do When Selling A Motorcycle Privately

Before you list your motorcycle for sale, you’ll want to go through a few steps to make sure it’s in the best possible shape and shows the best possible light. Here’s a quick look at how to clean and paint your motorcycle and identify the pitfalls that buyers need to be aware of.

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Would you buy a motorcycle covered in dust and road grime? A dirt bike looks like an unmaintained bike to a customer. One of the easiest things you can do to sell a motorcycle fast and for top dollar is to clean it properly before you list it or show it to buyers.

Preparing your motorcycle for sale requires more than a quick wash. You’ll want to spend a week warming up your bike and making minor repairs. This is where you should focus your attention.

Start with a thorough cleaning before proceeding to the next step. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove dirt and insects to prevent damage to your paint job. Make sure your motorcycle is cool before cleaning and use the right polish like ICE Turtle Wax. WD40 can help remove gunk and is safe for metal and plastic.

Remember: this is more than a quick wash after a trip. Pay attention to neglected areas such as under the seat, swelling around the battery, and surface corrosion.

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If you’re not worried about getting top dollar, or you’re buying a starter bike, take the time to fix minor damages. Most of the time the damage can be repaired. You can usually fix minor scratches, nicks, and dents. It may be a small investment, but it will increase the demand and value of your motorcycle.

Rust-covered brakes don’t make for great photos of your bike. You can use material sharpening in the centers of the laces and a Scotch-Brite pad to make the outside shine. Use a special fry cleaner to remove the residue. Here’s how to make a simple caliper change to make the rear axle run smoothly.

Run your motorcycle with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s checklist. Make a note of any errors to notify customers or fix them. This is also a good time to sell your motorcycle to make sure it’s the best sale.

What To Do When Selling A Motorcycle Privately

Photos are the first thing buyers see about your motorcycle listing. Want your motorcycle to stand out from the thousands of other listings? Without the right techniques and quality, even the most amazing bike will not attract the attention of buyers scrolling through listings.

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You don’t need to invest in professional photography equipment to get great photos to help sell your motorcycle. Here are some tips to get pro-level shots that will make your bike stand out.

It is best to photograph your motorcycle outside in the evening or early morning when the sun is low and the damage will be minimal. Dark skies are also good for lighting.

Place your motorcycle in front of something that has a different color and doesn’t have too many heavy lines. Avoid “work” areas such as iron fences, telephone poles or other vehicles. Good choices are garage doors, brick walls, and open fields.

You will definitely want to get basic angles including front, right, left, and back. After that, shoot the details. Get some close-up photos of the tank, seat, motor, and bars. Don’t be afraid to try different angles and lots of detail so that buyers can see the work you’ve done to clean and maintain your motorcycle. One of the best angles to shoot from down to the ground with the camera is at light level.

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Now that your motorcycle is clean, you should go through a comprehensive checklist to identify potential motorcycle problems. It’s best to be honest and upfront about known defects or cosmetic issues with the motorcycle. This not only protects you legally; potential customers can make informed decisions. It will also help you price your motorcycle properly for sale.

In fact, the law in most states only requires you to disclose important known and true facts when a customer asks. However, we recommend sharing everything you know about the motorcycle.

Damage isn’t the only thing that can affect the value of your vehicle. Try to view your motorcycle as a third person and remove your emotional connection. If it’s a custom paint job, consider the style, quality, and level of demand for most customers. If the application is very good and widespread, it may add to the value. Otherwise, you’ll want to lower the value for a custom paint job.

What To Do When Selling A Motorcycle Privately

There are many options for buying a motorcycle, even if you live in a small market without many buyers. As a general rule, you will get the most money for your motorcycle by selling it privately. If you have a rare, vintage or expensive motorcycle, a motorcycle auction or show is the best way to increase your sales price.

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When you are thinking about the best place to buy a motorcycle, the first decision you want to make is to buy your motorcycle online. Listing your motorcycle online has many benefits:

There are disadvantages to listing a motorcycle online. You have to watch out for spoilers. One of the biggest problems is that you may want to argue with the delivery of the motorcycle because the buyer is far away. This is not as difficult as it sounds, though!

You should also consider a secure payment arrangement, but there are many good options. PayPal can be a smart choice, especially if you’re selling on eBay, as long as you make sure you’re paying the right amount for customer protection. This warranty must be signed at the time of delivery for any purchase over $750. You can also turn to Escrow.com, a licensed escrow service. There is a fee for this service that you can quickly calculate here.

Here’s a look at your best options for buying your motorcycle and a quick overview of the most popular platforms.

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One of the easiest ways to buy a motorcycle online is through an online marketplace. Here are three popular marketplaces that accept motorcycle listings.

If you are going to list your motorcycle for sale online, a dedicated motorcycle classifieds marketplace is usually the best. You’ll find the largest source of potential buyers, whether you have a beginner bike, a fix-up, a high-end motorcycle, or a vintage motorcycle.

Don’t be afraid to shop for motorcycles! Although some auctions are designed for vintage, vintage, and rare motorcycles, you can buy entry-level motorcycles at auctions. The most popular motorcycle dealership is Mecum. Check out our complete guide to buying and selling Mecum’s motorcycle markets!

What To Do When Selling A Motorcycle Privately

There are many dealers who buy and sell used motorcycles. However, don’t expect to get top dollar. Similar to selling a car at a dealership, expect to get a lower price than you would by selling privately because the buyer will be willing to sell again for the profit.

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You will be lucky to sell your motorcycle at a show. This is a great option for letting potential buyers see your bike. Try searching for upcoming motorcycle shows in your area to find out the rules. There may be restrictions on sales.

Make sure you have all the paperwork you need to make your motorcycle purchase a success. You will want to prepare the following before listing your motorcycle for sale, if possible.

You don’t need to provide records of repairs, maintenance, and inspections to the seller, but they are very helpful. These service records will make your motorcycle more attractive to a potential buyer by showing that it has been well maintained.

Just like when buying a car, the title must be accurate when buying a motorcycle because it determines ownership. The title is necessary for the buyer to register the motorcycle in their name and obtain a license plate.

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If you still own your motorcycle with no restrictions, transferring title to the new owner is as simple as signing it in the designated areas. If you’ve lost your title, you’ll need to request a duplicate from your state’s department of motor vehicles.

If your motorcycle is still on loan, you will need to request the payment from the lender and arrange for the title to be transferred to you or the new owner. The title only appears when

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