What Upgrades Are Worth It In A New Home – As you know we are building a new house! You can read all about that process on the blog with my first post on New Home Construction. With that there are many decisions to be made! I’m hoping someone will set me up and tell me about all the best builder upgrades WORTH to get as I go through the process.

So here I am today giving you a little guide! Pin it for later and or save it to your desktop for future reference!

What Upgrades Are Worth It In A New Home

What Upgrades Are Worth It In A New Home

For starters, when you buy a new home you always start with a base price that comes with all the bones to have a great home. Our home comes with some great standard options.

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Even with those features, we decided to personalize our home more with some upgrades! Below you will find some options that I think new home builders like yourself should consider as they build. Now listen. are you listening Good……

This list is just my opinion. I truly think that EVERY family has different needs, different resources, and skills. So all this may not apply to you! If you want to add to the conversation I’d love that! Just leave a comment and we can start chatting!

Location! Location! Location. It’s NUMBER ONE for us more than home. We wanted to be in a neighborhood and in a great school district and that was what we were looking for first! But luckily for us we ended up with a great location AND a great home, something our builders are proud of!

Some say spend the money on the BEST lot you can get and get a smaller house. Although I agree, in our case all the lots are very unique. Backing up the golf course in our hood would have cost us an additional 30k-60k.

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Of course I wanted to be on the golf course but Reggie didn’t feel it was necessary and felt uncomfortable with the golf balls flying around the yard. So we built our house right across the street on the best lot for us!

When building with a builder you get the option to add bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional garages depending on the floor plan. Take the time to find out what your family needs. We have the option to add an additional garage to our floor plan which will give our home a 4th garage.

Drivers, but we don’t think an extra garage will do us any good. The extra garage also cut into our backyard space and really an extra garage means more stuff! ha!

What Upgrades Are Worth It In A New Home

So needless to say we skipped that. BUT if your family likes to get out on the lake, or you have a 4 wheeler I think this is a great option! Plus it won’t hurt your sales.

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We also added bathrooms. Our plan had 2.5 bathrooms so we added 2 more making our home a 4.5 bath home.

We chose that because we know that as children get older, privacy becomes a big issue. Especially with a little girl. I could see how frustrated he was sharing the bathroom with his two older brothers!

We also added a walk in shower to our master bathroom. Big beautiful bathrooms never go out of style and are always worth it.

Our next priority (and our number one priority) is to upgrade the kitchen. We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so we decided to spend most of our budget in this area. Our builder has a great basic package that includes 42in upper cabinets, an undermount sink, Delta faucets, and more.

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But we want to make it our own. The design center options are endless which I appreciate because I have a certain taste.

We started by upgrading the shaker style cabinets with a full overlay! What you see above are the finished side panels, trash bins, and apron front sink. All upgrades!

We upgraded our usual granite to an easy to clean marble looking quartz called New Carra which is now discontinued. We also configured the kitchen with a complete set of Jenn-Air professional appliances.

What Upgrades Are Worth It In A New Home

This is something I’ve always dreamed of having so I’m glad our builder has a choice from 3 kitchen packages, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and Jenn-Air.

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I also added several water sources including an additional prep sink for cutting vegetables and a pot-filler on top of the stove. All I can think about is running my workspace.

We include under cabinet lighting, crown molding above and below cabinets and glass inserts on some cabinets. All the things we know we won’t do later!

All in all though I wish we had the option to fill the space above the cabinet with more cabinets I’m ok with it. In the future I plan to add a window and open shelving to this space!

I love a window in the kitchen. The original plan for this house had one but for some reason they removed it. But it should be easy to install.

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If you plan on adding things after you close, make sure you take pictures of the walls without drywall so you can notice any pipes and wires! It has done so much in the last 5 years.

One thing I would like us to add is an ice maker. Can you imagine? No need to run to the store every time we have a party! We plan to put one in the pantry later!

Our home builder offers a ton of options. While we ultimately decided to opt out of the builders flooring choices (budget constraints; did you SEE the kitchen upgrades? haha!)

What Upgrades Are Worth It In A New Home

For whatever reason the floors were so marked that it was easier for us to install them after we closed on the house! Remember this is not a custom home but a new build so everything must be done through the builder. Sometimes they have great prices and sometimes they don’t. Make sure you check the price and even negotiate if you can!

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I like the way they show the floor samples in the center of the design though. All samples are attached to rolling displays with magnets. Genius! If your budget allows, just do your floors. It’s so easy!

Most people don’t think about lighting when they’re building a home but I challenge you to really dive in and think about how you want your home to feel!

Not only should you add windows if you can, (our builder gave us the option to add 16 foot sliding doors and we jumped at it because all the light coming into the family room) spend and time to think about how your house is located as far as exposure and plan around that.

If you get good light in the morning but not so much in the afternoon, for dinner and homework time, add recessed lights and lights to help.

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We tested the sconces we added to our home. It was supposed to be a blank wall but I thought the sconces were the perfect add-on.

Add extra outlets, usb outlets, prewired scones and recessed lights too! My favorite part is the addition of pre-wired sconces on the walls next to the sliding doors. This would be perfect for a gallery wall!

Central Vacuum– We were about to install this, but backed out last minute. If your builder provides it ask about it. I’ve always wanted that baseboard kicker! My girlfriends screamed NOOOOO when they found out I chose an extra sink over the central vacuum hahaha!

What Upgrades Are Worth It In A New Home

Intercom System– Another thing I would like to get. All the kids bedrooms are upstairs and our master is downstairs. Guess who is in charge of waking up the kids in the morning? Guess who should follow all the way to the top. Every. Morning. This girl! haha!

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UPDATE: We now have the Echo system and it works GREAT! Every room has one and we can talk to each other like an intercom system. I recommend it.

VideoSurveillance/Security System– Another luxury item. Just to keep an eye on things. Plus with all the apps these days you can control almost everything from your phone!

Outdoor Packages- If you can do your yard do it! We plan to do this in a few stages but it never hurts to ask what your builder charges for backend packages. Grass and concrete may be all you need or want!

Water bibs– our house has two and we added one to the side of the garage just to wash cars! Much better than dragging a hose from the back! Plus it’s an affordable upgrade!

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Surround Sound– LOVE it. It’s great to have music playing throughout the house when you’re entertaining! We installed prewired speakers in the family room and outdoor patio. If it were my way I would put a speaker at the front door and one in every room!

Paint– If you have high ceilings or a two story hallway like me, have a builder

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