What Upgrades To Get In A New Home – As a stylist, I was completely immersed in the design process of our new home. In my last post, I covered all the details on how to prepare for your appointment at the Design Center, and today I’m going to focus more on the actual design upgrades we chose for our home.

When you decide to build a new home, the base contract price includes the standard floor plan before any structural or design upgrades. We’re lucky that our basic contract with Drees Homes already includes some great standard options, such as:

What Upgrades To Get In A New Home

What Upgrades To Get In A New Home

In addition to making a number of structural improvements (which you can read more about here), we decided to personalize our home with several design upgrades as well. Keep reading to learn more about the building upgrades we think are worth having, plus some tips on how to customize your home’s design to suit your taste.

Smart Home Upgrades To Install During Your Remodel

With Drees Homes, all design upgrades are performed before construction begins on your home. I like that this gave me a hard deadline to make decisions, rather than dragging it out over the course of the entire house build. As I mentioned in my last blog, I did a lot of preparation and research before our Design Center meetings, which was key to successfully navigating the home design process.

External materials. Think of your exterior elevation as your home’s first impression. My husband and I felt that the exterior was a priority in the design of our home, so we decided to upgrade all of the standard siding on the front of our home to Royal Building Products Shake Siding. Truth be told, I was drawn to light exterior colors, and my husband liked dark colors, so we met in the middle and settled on Harvard Gray, which we accented with light Texas Cotstone, crisp white trim and a stained walnut front door. .

Kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is the heart of your home, the place where you spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning and of course eating together as a family. My husband and I definitely made the kitchen a priority in our design budget, so we decided to upgrade to a luxury kitchen design, with Timberlake Windsor cabinets in a gorgeous linen color. We also added a custom wood vent above our cooking range as a focal point in our kitchen as well.

Countertop. While countertop upgrades can be a bit of a splurge, it’s a huge undertaking to remove and upgrade countertops once your kitchen is built. With that in mind, we decided to upgrade to Level 5 Mont Surfaces Fantasy Quartz countertops in our new kitchen. We also upgraded our bathroom countertops, but chose Level 1 quartz in these rooms for durability, style and cost.

Upgrades To Include When Building A Custom Home

Main level flooring. Another design upgrade to consider is the flooring on your main level. This is where you spend the most time as a family, and it’s also the space guests see the most when you’re entertaining, so if your budget allows for it, flooring upgrades on the main level are sure to make a big impact. We decided to upgrade the entire main level (except for our family room) to Armstrong Flooring Hearthside Asheville LVP flooring, which will not only look beautiful, but will also be extremely durable for our busy family of four as well.

Trim and pour. The small details and finishes are what brings a home design together, which is why woodwork is another upgrade to consider. Of course, if you’re a handy woodworker, feel free to pass on this upgrade, but if you’re like us and need to rent regardless, it might make sense to add some of the trim packages your builder offers. We upgraded our home to include window casings, ceiling beams in our family room, larger crown molding on our kitchen cabinets, as well as wainscoting and crown molding in select rooms.

Electricity. I had no idea how important electrical design upgrades were when we first started building our home! I highly recommend thinking about how you want each room to function in terms of outlets and lighting to see that the space could benefit from any electrical upgrades. We added a set of LED lights, pre-wired for additional decorative lights, as well as a fair number of electrical outlets in places that make the most sense for our family.

What Upgrades To Get In A New Home

Tile backsplash. A beautiful tile backsplash can add so much to any room, but these details can also be added at any time. It so happened that at the time we were designing our kitchen, I wasn’t very decisive about which tiles I would choose for the backsplash, so we ultimately decided to postpone this design upgrade.

Home Upgrades That Will Give It A Fresh Look

Light. We are so lucky that Drees Homes offers this amazing Kichler lighting package. Although we did do some lighting upgrades, we mainly stuck with built-in lights, or covered the electric in some rooms, so we could upgrade the lights over time once we moved in.

Small details have a big impact. As I mentioned before, the kitchen was a big priority for our house, so I tried to come up with ways to make it look more personalized without significantly increasing our design budget. One way I did this was by adding decorative wood legs on either side of the island and extending the island countertop for more depth. When added thoughtfully, simple upgrades like these can make a big impact.

High quality floor tiles placed in a small room. I fell in love with the Anatolia Sand Deco Compass tiles, but fortunately, they were one of the most expensive tiles at the Drees Home Design Center. Instead of removing them from our home design completely, we decided to incorporate them sparingly into a small room in our home, which made the cost more reasonable.

Alternative design options with a similar appearance. If you’re looking for ways to trim your budget, don’t forget to lean on your stylist for advice on alternative products with a similar look. I was considering a 4″ x 16″ white subway tile shower for our master bathroom, however, as a way to cut costs, we ultimately chose larger format 12″ x 24″ Emser tiles. The look was very similar to my original vision, but it saved us approximately 40% to make this simple design switch.

The Top 10 Upgrades To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

I hope you find these tips helpful in deciding which Builder upgrades are worth considering! Of course, the upgrades that make the most sense for our family may not be the same for everyone, so I’d love to know what building upgrades you think are worth adding to a new home.

Next in this home building blog series, I’ll be sharing an update on breaking ground on our home, as well as some tips on how to navigate ground preparation when building on your own lot! Do you want to build a new home for the first time? Or would you do it again and hope to make better choices? This story describes our experience and 7 tips for building upgrades worth getting.

When it came to planning my wedding, I didn’t really care what happened. I was excited to marry the man I loved, and I wanted a gorgeous dress. Whether or not I had bridesmaids, fancy flowers or a tiered cake was not on my list of priorities. I wasn’t close to being a bride but I think I’m making up for it now and we’re building a house.

What Upgrades To Get In A New Home

Maybe it was because I was almost 19 (yes, you can read all about being a young bride here). Or maybe I’m just a very humble person in general. Either way, I think I’m more than making up for it now that we’re building the home of my dreams. Even though we choose a mass builder with pre-made plans, there are still a lot of decisions to make and it can be difficult to know which building upgrades are worth getting.

How To Pay For Your Upgrades When You Buy A New Home

I wouldn’t say that choosing a home is quite like choosing the right spouse, but it can be very stressful.

We started house hunting two months ago. And I mean me. Waking up to a new home listed on Zillow was a great start to the day. I toured a few homes with my very patient realtor, but nothing seemed right. I’ve had more luck browsing previously sold homes to get an idea of ​​what is out there but not on the market. After a month or so I started to get a little frustrated and never found a solution

Or the perfect place would appear but I would be too afraid to go there. But still, I knew deep down that the right house would appear at the right time.

I had just finished expressing my sadness to a friend about this fear, but as I left her house I decided to go visit her.

Home Upgrades That Are Totally Worth It

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