What You Need To Know About Money – We use money to trade for something we need. But as time progressed, the purpose of money evolved as well. Today it is not only a trading tool, but also a way to measure value. Because of this, it is fundamental to free our minds from any misconceptions about it.

In addition, we need to know some hard truths about money, which we never want to hear. That’s why our feature today focuses on a long list of brutal truths about money that you need to know. So stay tuned.

What You Need To Know About Money

What You Need To Know About Money

11. If you’re not rich at 20, it’s not your fault, but at 70, it’s probably your fault.

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Everyone’s prime age is said to be 20, but that doesn’t mean you have your finances figured out. There’s only a 1% chance you’ll end up rich by 20, and even that’s left to the chance of stumbling upon unexpected riches, like an inheritance or a lottery win. And we all know that the chance of that happening is pretty slim.

Wealth is not something that can come from overnight success. It is a process of compounding your income over time that ensures your success by the time you retire.

Imagine this, if you started working at the age of 16, and you were very conscious about saving, by the time you are going to retire, you will be worth almost 2 million. That’s if you kept the rescue spirit throughout your journey. If you choose to be more aggressive with your finances and engage in riskier investments, you will end up costing much more than 2 million.

This strategy can easily be applied by people living in developed or developing countries. As you think about doing good, you should start young when you are more flexible to adverse results. Because of this, I firmly believe that Bill Gates never lied when he said if you were born poor, it’s not your fault, but if you die poor, it is.

The Truth About Money 4th Edition: Edelman, Ric: 9780062006486: Amazon.com: Books

For whatever reason you had, you went and got a loan from a bank or a friend. Everyone is afraid of paying back the debt; it’s hard, and we hate giving away our hard-earned money, even if we’ve borrowed it.

However, debt does not give us many options but to pay it back. There are two most preferred methods that you can use to get rid of debt.

That is, one, you can arrange your debt in terms of size and start repaying the smallest debt to the largest. The other option is that you can pay the highest interest rate debt first, then work your way up.

What You Need To Know About Money

Whichever method you choose to use, it’s better than thinking that your debt will magically disappear. Which, by the way, he never does.

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So many people put a lot of emphasis on your idea as the key to success, but in fact, your ideas are useless.

You need to have the persistence to execute the big idea continuously. And this is what will set you apart from the rest. Because the truth is, 99% of the population is walking around with a million dollar idea. But most of them are too lazy and prefer to sleep on the idea, and do nothing about it.

This crazy concept was tested by a sharktank participant who won himself a lot. He goes ahead to explain in his book some ideas that can literally conquer you the world. I can assure you that no one made a single effort to try to implement the ideas.

You see, you should stop thinking that people are out to steal your ideas because, in truth, there are more procrastinators than opportunists. Don’t cut ties with friends because you feel they are stealing your idea. I’d rather sit back and see how long they can keep up the hard work.

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No matter how frugal you want to be with your financial planning. When it comes to expenses, something almost always catches you off guard. It could be a close friend’s party you forgot to budget for or a ticket you got from parking in the wrong spot. The best way to describe this type of cost is disruption costs. Which usually result from concussions known to be irregular in maturity.

Like a girls only holiday that doesn’t always happen every Christmas holiday. The most effective way to deal with these unforeseen expenses is to always try and be prepared. Have a stash of savings that will address any matter other than the one you know about. You can set a goal to save a small amount each month so that your December income doesn’t all go to buying Christmas presents.

A very close cousin of our last trait is the crazy idea that you have to work tirelessly to succeed.

What You Need To Know About Money

The sense of achievement that comes with working 12-hour shifts is usually the mindset of the industrial worker. The dream is to find something you love and figure out how to make it easier to do every day and make money from it. You will realize that with this facility comes a compound result that you can continue to reinvest.

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As they spend most of their time reading: they read company financial reports, business strategies, and even annual reports. This is all to ensure that they understand the ins and outs of the company before they invest in it.

This, however, is the complete opposite of short-term investors, who usually go with the hype. They will invest in crypto because some shady financial news channel claims it is the best investment in 2021. After that, they will sit around their computer desk checking how the currency is declining, and there is no hope for profit.

Successful investors usually do not do these things. Most do their due diligence before investing and wait until time passes to ensure they secure a profit. Whatever happens between that five-year frame is not necessary to make them panic.

If you want to have a better investment, read the book; richer, wiser, happier; How the world’s greatest investors conquer the markets and life by William Green.

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Even though it’s hard to believe that all that fighting will come to an end, eventually it will. No one’s life is full of misfortune.

But, at some point, things always turn for the better, and you may experience a stroke of good luck. But you don’t come to me tomorrow with the sobstories of people who live in misery and, unfortunately, lost their lives. I recognize that there are exceptions to this rule. Some have a life of good luck while others experience the latter. However, these events are not a reason for you or anyone else to wallow in pity and excuses.

Some people have made extreme profits and gains in what could be their worst times. Like the businesses that passed the test of time when the pandemic hit. By entering untapped businesses or moving their businesses just to ensure they still reach their customers.

What You Need To Know About Money

Surely no country lockdown can stop them from realizing their dream, and that is impressive. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose whether to move forward or stay stuck in your circumstance. All in all, being unproductive, failing to meet deadlines, or closing shop due to badorderdeals is not a good enough reason.

Financial Tips Every Grad Should Know

A famous Chinese philosopher believes in Kaizen, a state where you constantly move forward and improve your skills and years. To earn that big check, you have to transform yourself into that person.

Even in sports, anyone can be sporty. Just as long as you do what other athletes are doing – putting in the hours and the work training, it will always remain a dream. At the end of the day, as you work to make yourself better, you will, along the way, increase your skills, improve your health and fitness, and even better broaden your base of skills. your clientele.

Furthermore, this will be the one investment that you will have complete control over. I don’t know about you, but personally, I choose to invest myself every day, instead of focusing my time and energy on building someone else’s legacy.

The system has led us to believe in jobs that we forget that we are our best resource. It’s time to change the narrative and invest more and focus more on ourselves.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Save More Money

Everything we do needs direction and steps towards achieving whatever goals you have in place. Money also requires the same discipline where you can put together a well outlined plan for your money.

Only the financially illiterate make money and spend without a plan. Even if you intend to save that cash, you can’t do it until you weigh what’s more important first. Like you can’t put all your money into retirement savings, and you have nothing to sustain you for the year.

Likewise, you can’t save money while you’re getting into debt again. That is why it is essential to have a plan because this plan helps in making decisions after weighing the importance, urgency and convenience. You will have to look at all these angles before deciding on how best to make your money.

What You Need To Know About Money

It’s not too late to start if you haven’t been tracking and planning your finances, you might as well start today, keeping in mind; saving without a plan will get you nowhere.

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Spending at the moment sounds a little too much, but spending on quality items will save you a fortune in the future. This means that the purchase of that leather coat of good quality that will last you for years is better than acquiring the cheap clothing that will wear and tear in time. That’s just the reality of life

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