What You Need To Know About Newborns – I imagine you’re either expecting a baby or just had one, so I’ll start off with congratulations!

I’m sure you want to make an informed decision about who you choose to photograph your baby, and you may have questions about how it all works.

What You Need To Know About Newborns

What You Need To Know About Newborns

In this article I will explain exactly how my newborn photography sessions work and what you can expect when you book.

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The session focuses on capturing natural, timeless photos of your newborn so you can remember exactly how tiny they were and all the little details that were there when they were first born.

My purpose-built home studio is near Hampton Court, on the South West London/Surrey border.

The studio is warm, comfortable and has everything I need to photograph your child and family safely and make sure you have a relaxed, comfortable experience.

Most families choose to drive, and there is free parking outside. The studio is also within walking distance of Hampton Court Station, which is served by direct trains from London Waterloo, Vauxhall, Clapham Junction, Wimbledon and Surbiton.

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It’s important to me that you have a relaxed, enjoyable experience and end up with a set of photos that you love. So you can expect lots of communication and support from me before and after your photo shoot.

When you view the gallery from your session, you can see a gallery of about 25 unique images, each edited in color and black and white (about 50 images in total).

All photos will be in my signature, natural style. Focus on your child and family, not the props or complicated sets.

What You Need To Know About Newborns

You can see lots of examples of photo styles in my newborn photography portfolio. The final photos in your gallery will depend on:

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I have soft, neutral colored blankets and swaddles in the studio that I will use to lay and wrap your baby during the session. They are freshly washed before each session.

I usually use one color throughout the session to make sure your photos have a cohesive feel and sit well together if you choose to display some together on your walls at home or in an album.

Before the session we will discuss which color you would like to choose and if you are unsure I can help you make your decision.

Choosing this color will also come in handy when choosing clothes for the rest of the family (more on that later).

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I will take a child-led approach when working with the session. Notice what your child’s preferences are and work with them.

For example – some babies naturally like to hold their hands to their face while they sleep, while others prefer to wrap their arms around them.

This means no two photos are exactly the same – I will work with your child’s preferences and never force them to pose in a position they are not comfortable with. shooting.

What You Need To Know About Newborns

During the session I also aim to take macro (or close-up) photos of the beautiful little details that make your baby unique. From their beautiful little feet to their tiny toe nails.

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My photography style is very natural and I don’t use props. So the focus of the photos will be your beautiful baby.

The exception is special, sentimental items, such as a blanket your grandmother sewed or a special soft toy. Sometimes families ask me to photograph these things and I am very happy.

If you get one of these sentimental items, I’ll work them into a photo or two with your little one.

You don’t need to bring anything for your newborn to wear during the session – just an outfit to take home afterwards.

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During the session I will use blankets and swaddling clothes that you have selected from my collection to wrap your baby up and feel comfortable and secure.

When choosing clothes for the rest of the family, I recommend keeping these three things in mind:

A coordinating color palette based on everyone’s outfits can really help pull your photos together and give them more impact.

What You Need To Know About Newborns

I recommend choosing at most one or two colors to base everyone’s outfit around. In general, neutral colors work best for newborn photos – grays, whites, beiges and dark colors work well. Black also works well in a studio environment.

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It’s best to avoid patterns and clothes with writing or pictures on them, as these can be distracting and make your photos look bloated faster.

When choosing outfits for each family member, keep in mind that the goal is to coordinate, not match.

I have a few things in the studio that you may need during the session – changing mat, feeding pad, diaper bags and water wipes. So you don’t have to bring these things if you don’t want to.

On the day of your session we will usually start by getting you all settled into the studio and talking about how the session will go.

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I’ll give you some tips to get your baby ready in the morning so that he’s relaxed and settled when you arrive. In order to make the most of this time, I will start photographing your baby on his own.

At the end we will take a picture of you all as a family. I will take pictures of each parent with the child, portraits of siblings if you have older children, and pictures of the whole family.

I have a selection of organic teas and coffees in the studio and plenty of biscuits for you to tuck into while I photograph your little one.

What You Need To Know About Newborns

I also have samples of all the albums, prints and framed items I offer. And you might like to check them out too.

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The reason this time is so variable is because every child is different and every day is different with every child!

Sometimes babies smell every photo. Sometimes they need a few breaks to eat, change a diaper or cuddle with a parent, in which case it takes a little longer.

About 1 to 2 weeks after your session, I will send you a link to a private online gallery where you can view the fully edited photos from your session and choose what you would like to order.

The gallery will be live for a short period of time while you select your photos. I will be on the end of the phone to help you with as much or as little as you need. I can help you design album and gallery walls, or choose the best way to display your new photos. No pressure or hard sell, I promise – that’s not my style.

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This is when you place your order and pay. Once payment is received, digital images will be delivered within 24 hours and printed items within 4-6 weeks.

I work on a fee-for-session plus photos basis – you pay for the session up front, but you don’t have to commit to any specific number of photos or packages until you see the photos after the shoot.

After viewing your photos, you can choose between printed items, digital or a package that includes a mix of both – whichever suits you best.

What You Need To Know About Newborns

It is best to book your session before your baby is born to ensure that I can accommodate your session within the 5 to 14 day window. You can book any time after your 12 week scan.

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When you book I will note your date of birth and ask you to let me know when your baby is due. We will confirm the exact date of your session after your baby is born to ensure it is within the 5 to 14 day window.

If your child is already here, please contact us at the last minute to check availability. I may be able to drop you in if the other babies arrive a little earlier or later than planned. If your baby is over 14 days old, you may also want to consider my Senior Newborn Sessions for babies up to 8 weeks old.

To book your session please send me a message here letting me know when your baby is due (or their due date if they are already here).

I will get back to you within 24 hours. Once we’ve settled on a date, we’ll send you a booking agreement and invoice for your session fee, and when they return, your session is confirmed.

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I am a newborn, child and family photographer working with families from South West London and Surrey. I specialize in timeless, natural photography without props or unnatural poses. I photograph children in my studio and families in beautiful outdoor locations. I am based on the Surrey/London border near Hampton Court.

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