Worker Health And Safety Awareness In 4 Steps – While studying at Sheridan College for the last two years, I completed three placements working in daycare centers and school boards. Through these accommodations, I completed 51 activities that I planned for the children. When I finished each of these activities, I had to think about that activity. Doing these reflections helped me learn what worked and what didn’t and what I could do next time to make the activity more successful. Reflecting on my activities was definitely beneficial to my learning. During my studies at Ryerson University, I worked in a kindergarten classroom and will complete an international internship, working with 4-5 year old children.

Below is an example of a reflection activity I did after completing an activity called ‘Exploring Capacity’

Worker Health And Safety Awareness In 4 Steps

Worker Health And Safety Awareness In 4 Steps

By Beverly Dietze and Diane Kashin was a resource I always turned to during my studies at Sheridan College and I will continue to use this book when I become an early childhood educator as it will help me maintain my ongoing professional development. I wanted to share this book with anyone who is interested because it covers “a theoretical framework for play, characteristics of play, environmental and cultural factors that influence play, and the application of developmentally appropriate play practices.” I think this book is great for anyone who wants to know and learn more about children’s play.

Safety Moment Ideas For Work In 2024

Below is a link to a YouTube video of a public lecture on Early Childhood Education: Why Use a Play-Based Approach to Learning? After watching this video it inspired me to want to attend lectures and workshops to learn as much as possible to become the best educator I can be. I strongly believe that children learn through play and this video can help individuals better understand play-based learning. I plan to attend talks and workshops like these to gain as much knowledge as I can about early childhood education so that I can apply it to my practice.

One thing that is extremely important to me is self-reflection. During my time at Sheridan College, many of my courses required me to self-reflect on many aspects of my life. Below is an example of a self-reflection I did based on my values. I chose a quote that meant a lot to me and explained why I was drawn to this quote, why I value this quote, and how this quote applies to the ECE profession. I will continue to engage in self-reflection throughout my life to understand myself on a deeper level and learn about myself so that I can improve myself and my work practices – Examining My Values

During my studies at Sheridan College, I was given the opportunity to complete three field work placements, which allowed me to gain real-world experience in my field. I was graded by the teacher who was with me in the classroom. I got a lot out of these evaluations because they showed me the areas I need to work on to become the best ECE I can be. I will continue to refer back to these assessments to remind myself that I am capable of being a good ECE. Attached is a copy of one of my evaluations from my 2nd fieldwork I did in the toddler room at Munn’s Daycare –  Fieldwork Evaluation

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